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I received a notice about this today (see below). To register for the Webinar click here

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Pity the council didn’t send this to residents on the other side of Green Lanes too; the whole traffic problem is so interlinked that the impact of the east side LTN blockages on Ladder roads and GL — and vice versa if there are changes to the Ladder and Wightman — really needs to be considered as a whole. Picking off individual areas to ensure people only concentrate on their own streets, with no consideration for others, has been the council’s default for years, when a workable solution will only come from considering the whole stretch from Endymion to Wood Green and all adjacent streets as one entity, along with working with TfL and the DoT on mitigation of GL’s role as a trunk route to/from the N Circular.

It not a consultation event Don - it’s a presentation of the findings of the Commonplace survey

Yes, I saw that, but I think it would still concern a wider group. Anyway, as you’ve kindly posted the link, anyone else who’s interested can listen in — and, long-term, I wish the council would pursue a holistic plan rather than the slice-and-dice approach they currently favour.

I completely agree Don. GLATS at least took a wider, more holistic, view of the area.

I'd agree that it would be sensible for a wider audience to know about this.

As an example, when the Bruce Grove West LTN scheme was first discussed it didn't include the area to the west of Belmont Road so very few of the residents heard about it. When the scheme was expanded (as a result of the few that did hear about it pushing for the expansion) it needed to bring in more residents partway through the process.

Also, these areas aren't discrete. People pass through them, decisions will impact on many people other than residents.

I can understand not sending a letter to everyone but it could be easily publicised via twitter, etc

Well, to be fair, Twitter or equivalent wouldn’t have got to me, as — apart from HoL, obviously — I don’t do social media, so Michael’s posting of the letter and link is timely and helpful. But it actually highlights how little the council does/is able to do in consulting and informing all residents about changes in adjacent neighbourhoods that may affect them. I’m not sure now what the most effective means is (too many outlets if you include press, social media and propaganda mag Haringey People), but a borough-wide letter showing the overall plans and how they intersect would be a good start: at present, council policy appears to be to actively prevent residents in one area being involved in plans elsewhere that may affect them. Of course, this assumes that there actually IS an overall plan, which, on the evidence of St Ann’s and the Ladder, seems a bit of a leap of faith anyway....



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