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According to this article today, the streets on the West side of the Ladder have been moved out of Tottenham constituency and into Hornsey and Wood Green. The map is rather vague and I can't seem to find a more detailed one, but this means Daivd Lammy is no longer our MP, but Catherine West. Seems strange to split the area in half this way.

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There are quite a few discussions on both the local government boundary review as well as the parliamentary one. Click the tags added above. 

The new Hornsey and Wood Green constituency not only now includes Harringay ward but also pulls in Friern Barnet ward - which is in the borough of Barnet (map below).  The new Tottenham constituency now takes in a bit of Hackney in the south.

The new Hornsey and Friern Barnet constituency!  Not Hornsey and Wood Green. Will Catherine West chose this ward or go for the new Southgate and Wood Green constituency?

Damn!  I mean to type ‘and Friern Barnet’ Konrad!  I think Hornsey and Friern is a fairly safe Labour seat.  Friern Barnet ward returned Labour Councillors at the last local government elections where the Conservatives came second.

The new Wood Green and Southgate constituency is bizarre.  It stretches from Ducketts Common in the south almost to Potters Bar in the north.


As far as I know Catherine West will be the MP but here is an interesting thing.  First moved to this area in 1968 in Mountview Court opposite the south side of Duckett's Common.  At that time we were in Hornsey for electoral purposes.  According to the map the ladder roads together with the sliver on the East side of Green Lanes that includes Mountview Court is now returned to Hornsey. Then moved into Crouch End and Hornsey constituency in 1975 so didn't notice until much later that the ladder roads must have been incorporated into Tottenham. Welcome back!

Maybe it was the history of Harringay ward that finally swayed the Commission?

Not sure - Labour wanted to add Stroud Green to Tottenham (guess where David Lammy lives although rumour says he doesn't want to live in his constituency!) which would be crazy because of the East Coast Line and only two crossings, Turnpike Lane and Endymion but the same craziness comes from adding the ladder back to Hornsey and FB... the rail line still cuts us off.



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