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Hi neighbors,

Just wondering if anybody is experiencing issues with the pressure and change in temperature of the water in the your houses since last week's flood in Green Lanes?

Since then we haven't been able to take a normal shower, very frustrating!



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We are on Pemberton, just above the works. We have had pressure issue, and we are only half way up, pity the poor folks at the top of the road and Wightman

Thank you Justin!

Pressure was down for a few days on Umfreville, went back to normal or near enough yesterday. There was some water work going on at the Lothair/Green Lanes turning which has now gone.

Thank you Gordon! Lucky you we still have issues...we are on Duckett Rd

Thank you Pav!

our water pressure dropped off the day it happened but otherwise all fine now.

Thank you Georgina!

Do we have issues on Wightman?

Rather, we have no problems. We would only have problems if we had no issue of water.

That's quite good OAE, I give that 4/5!

Very generous, Justin. I thought I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one!

There was the temptation to put a Basil Brush like "Boom!Boom!" in there, but no, I am easy pleased...

I'm sure he has a few more like that in the pipeline.



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