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WANTED:short term double room/flat for older parents visiting in late May


My 65+ parents are visiting May 15-June 2 and their air Bnb might be falling through.

We are looking for somthing anywhere between Turnpike Lane and Manorr house.

They are well traveled, kind and respectful and will spend most of their time with us,they just need a place to sleep with acess to kitchen just for tea/coffee and basics.

Please contact me if you can help.

Thank you!

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Hi there, 

Might you consider having them stay in Finsbury Park? I know it's not ideal because they would have to bus to and from your house, but I know a lovely lady who rents out a nice, newly refurbed room in her house on Mountview Road in Finsbury Park. I was in exactly your position, and my parents stayed with her and on a separate occasion my sister and her partner stayed there too. She charges much less than airbnbs too. Just send me a PM if you're interested and I'll put you in touch. 


Hi. I have just sent you a connection request. Here is link to our room - let me know if it's of interest for your parents.
Best wishes
Thank you, we looked at your lovely place, we may be a bit concerned about it being in the loft because of my dad's hips and stairs. But thank you I will check with my folks again, and get in touch.

We might be able to help, I've sent you a connection so I can message you, let me know when you receive it.


Would you consider down West Green Lanes? It's 10 mins on the bus from Turnpike Lane. Again an attic space, but very confortable...

Best wishes,

Thank you very much, we will look at it

i think I got it yesterday and answered but not sure it worked?



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