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Hey folks.

I regularly use an online dictionary or thesaurus in my work, but I've had an epiphany - I'd much rather go back to using a 'real' (i.e. paper) dictionary. So much of our lives these days involves staring at screens...

Happy to order one from a good online bookshop (NOT Amazon), but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask first: does anyone have a dictionary or thesaurus that they no longer use? If so, I'd be happy to take either off your hands and give them a new lease of life!



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I have a set of such books that I bought for a nephew of mine in 2005 as a wedding present before his wife said they wanted cutlery!  You are welcome to take the complete set.

If you have the space, you can have my set of the first compact Oxford English Dictionary with the supplements ,published before the second compact edition came out. Without looking, I think it is five or sixe large volumes.

I also have a set of the Brtitish Encyclopaedia I would like to donate to someone---the edition with the good literary articles.



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