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Does anyone have a standard sized baby's cot to sell (or give away!)?  I am thinking of the sort where the base height can be moved down as the baby grows to a toddler. We can collect and will be happy to buy a new mattress.   Thanks!

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If you don;t have any luck finding a cot that lets down I have one that does not let down but has only been used for occassional sleep overs from my granddaughters so is as new. Free.

Many thanks, Maggie.  We also need one for a grandchild!  I have messaged Claire (below) so will see how I get on.

I have one that you are welcome to have for free if you can collect it. Message me and I'll give you our address.


Many thanks for your quick response, I have messaged you.

Here's a photo of the crib (with my toddler modelling).


Have you managed to find a cot as I am selling my Ikea one with a good quality mattress. 

Let me know. Thanks 

Thanks very much for replying, Grace, but I have got one now.

Thanks again




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