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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just confirmed by the Council:

Alexandra Park: 50.69%
Bounds Green: 37.41%
Bruce Castle: 25.43%
Crouch End: 45.08%
Fortis Green: 45.41%
Harringay: 37.22%
Hermitage & Gardens: 30.02%
Highgate: 40.06%
Hornsey: 39.93%
Muswell Hill: 47.36%
Noel Park: 27.34%
Northumberland Park: 25.83%
Seven Sisters: 28.33%
South Tottenham: 26.81%
St Ann's: 24.80%
Stroud Green: 35.20%
Tottenham Central: 20.04%
Tottenham Hale: 20.37%
West Green: 21.48%
White Hart Lane: 20.93%
Woodside: 22.19%

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It wasn’t a case of the same.  In the last local election the LibDems won 15 seats. In this one they won 7. People who hadn’t voted for a Labour candidate before did so this time.

Thank you. 

Paging Brian Mahoney.

I've gone to the pub. I may be some time...

What time you getting back? I'll get my popcorn :)

You've definitely earned a beer Brian.

Interesting to consider how some votes may have been affected - positively or negatively - if electors had been aware they were voting for Momentum candidates.

I realise some people may find it tedious if I again mention the Seven Nolan Principles of Public Life. But there are still factions within the Labour Majority Group. Without Honesty & Openness about this and many other "elephants in the room" the percentages and voting numbers may illuminate little.

They certainly won't ensure the planning and achievement of a programme which benefits residents; nor helps tackle the problems faced by Haringey and similar London boroughs.

Momentum or not Momentum. That is the question. The majority of voters wouldn't even be aware of the difference would they? They vote for Labour. This is the issue isn't it. 

St Ann’s is now a marginal. What happened? 

Not enough.

I say 'not enough' but I should say Brian Maloney happened. He consistently highlighted the shortcomings of the Labour group through the window of their decision to rename Black Boy Lane.

The fact they're doing this when the people who live on Blackboy Lane Lane overwhelmingly object and that they will spend literally hundreds of thousands of pounds doing so is outrageous. But the principle is worse. They're clearly saying they don't represent us, they answer to other unelected powers in their party and will do what they want regardless of our views. That's scarey.

If Brian does PR for the Greens next time it might just get them across the line. In the meantime, four more years of 'urt...

Why is St Anns nearly marginal?

 Okay Thankfully the Greens are gaining ground but lack both resources and - possibly - the people hours - to mount the stronger campaign which would have taken them over the line.

Haringey Labour is split into into competing factions. Surely you've read about this? Also about the apparent rise in Green Party votes nationally. Urgently needed of course.



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