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Just confirmed by the Council:

Alexandra Park: 50.69%
Bounds Green: 37.41%
Bruce Castle: 25.43%
Crouch End: 45.08%
Fortis Green: 45.41%
Harringay: 37.22%
Hermitage & Gardens: 30.02%
Highgate: 40.06%
Hornsey: 39.93%
Muswell Hill: 47.36%
Noel Park: 27.34%
Northumberland Park: 25.83%
Seven Sisters: 28.33%
South Tottenham: 26.81%
St Ann's: 24.80%
Stroud Green: 35.20%
Tottenham Central: 20.04%
Tottenham Hale: 20.37%
West Green: 21.48%
White Hart Lane: 20.93%
Woodside: 22.19%

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St Ann's and West Green... could there be an upset?

Fingers crossed!

I'm hoping the delay in announcement is due to Labour insisting on recounts.

Hugh, how does the turnout compare with previous local elections in Haringey with only one ward managing to achieve 50%?  It appears that the further east, the lower the turnout.

If you rank those numbers highest to lowest they correlate with levels of education and wealth. The areas with the higher turnout vote LibDem, those with the lowest vote Labour. I'm sure there are also age and ethnicity correlations too.

Just had a look in 2018 turnout was

Harringay 42.01%
St Ann's 34.59%
West Green 34.32%
Hornsey 42.88%

Full data sets for

Harringay ward was 59% in 2010, 40% in 2014 and 42% in 2018.

The result from one ward (Alexandra Park) has now been declared (1530 or so) [link to ward-by-ward page]. 

The Ham & High also have a latest news page [link].

Footnote: (pub quiz territory) Haringey was for the only time a Conservative council 1968-1972, it coincided with economic woes fielded by Harold Wilson's government and the arrival of the new, youngish, meritocratic Edward Heath in the days when there wasn't a 'neither-of-the-above' Lib Dem/Green alternative. In 1968 the Communist Party stood a candidate in every Haringey seat, which probably abstracted Labour votes too. Only four London Councils remained Labour after that election.

Thanks Gordon. Looks like little change from last time. 

Hermitage ward

  • DAVIES, Julie (Labour Party), votes: 1318, elected: Yes
  • HAKATA, Mike (Labour Party), votes: 1187, elected: Yes

Harringay ward

  • ABELA, Anna (Labour Party), votes: 1941, elected: Yes
  • ADAMOU, Gina (Labour Party), votes: 1832, elected: Yes
  • BRABAZON, Zena (Labour Party), votes: 1829, elected: Yes

St Ann's ward

  • HARRISON-MULLANE, Holly Louise (Labour Party), votes: 1188, elected: Yes
  • HYMAS, Tammy (Labour Party), votes: 1050, elected: Yes

Final results here

The results are in and as expected Labour have once again won Haringey. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing even though the result will be same. Will the last person to leave turn off the light. 



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