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Hello all.

My wife is currently unemployed and is looking for some voluntary work within Haringey to keep her busy. Anyone know of or are looking for volunteers at present. Must be in Haringey though.


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I am sorry to hear that Alan.

Have a look at charityjob.co.uk. Age UK are often looking for volunteers too.

There's some info here too https://www.haringey.gov.uk/jobs-and-training/training-and-apprenti...

You're welcome. 

I've added your thread to the Volunteering category. if you click on that (just beneath the title), you may find some relevant posts and/or places to contact.

A lot of charity shops are going to struggle to reopen as many of their volunteers are retired and many of those may be shielding.  It’s worth having a look at the websites for places like Marie Curie, Oxfam, RSPCA etc.

TeamLondon and Do It list volunteering roles. You can search by borough. 

Hi Haringey circle are looking for volunteers.



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