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Following on from my earlier post...what's the story about visitors to an LTN?

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LTN's don't apply any differently to residents or visitors (apart from specific exemptions for certain of the former). They don't stop anyone accessing any street, just prevent people from driving through them.

Hope they are all vigilant. If you drive a route you've done 1000 times before it's possible to end up £65 poorer.

Perhaps someone living in an LTN could advise what they say to visitors arriving by car? I've had to turn around to avoid an LTN but not sure how to access addresses without entering?

The maps are pretty useful to show what can be accessed from where

A shame they weren't more widely publicised.

I've told visitors and delivery people that they can only access my house from St Ann's Road and there is no through route from West Green Road.

So far I've had 2 deliveries that couldn't work out how to get to me. One called me and I talked them through how to find me, the other gave up and the company have re-sent the parcel by a different courier and it should arrive today.

There are so many systems it is unbelievably difficult to navigate, we will stop working for anyone in that area.

What is your work?

I don't understand that remark. Just consider the respective address as being on a cul de sac in a development... 

All, addresses are accessible - if people are ordering online or have workmen coming just give precise access instructions...

Obviously if your visitors are using a sat nav that will update pretty swiftly to reflect the allowed routes.

London is already full of one way streets, filtered roads, turn restrictions, etc. This isn't really a new thing.



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