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Just before the COVID-19 lockdowns, we bought a lot of Wood Green Inner Zone Visitor Parking Permits - as we thought we would be needing them for childcare visitors etc.

But, due to the lockdown restrictions, we obviously could not use them. After Covid our lives changed considerably and now have a significant quantity of unused visitor parking permits set to expire at the end of this year.

We will be loosing lots of money - but Haringey will not refund or give for credit for them.

If anyone has any idea how we could avoid loosing all this money please let me know.


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You could try selling them on HoL at face value (or even at a small discount). They might work for folks who are having work done. or know they're expecting visitors.  

Thanks Hugh. Shame they are not good on the ladder - as your readers mostly are. I'll post an add and see 

There are many members beyond the Ladder

Wood Green Inner permits can be used for Wood Green Outer and vice versa.

Wood Green Outer goes down to, I think, Beresford Rd on the ladder.

The only difference between Inner and Outer is the times of operation.

We are in exactly the same situation. We have a decent amount of Haringey visitors full day parking permits which run out at the end of 2023 and it is obvious that Haringey Council are unwilling or consider themselves unable to exchange them for the equivalent of permits which lasts for another one or more years. I can think of no reason why this should not happen. After all, we have paid for the permits and because we have not been able to use them by their 'sell by date' this should not be a reason for declaring them invalid.

The 2023 'sell by date' which appears on the printed permit is possibly there because they could not fit any subsequent dates on the paper ticket, Bottom line is that we did not buy permits which were identified in advance of our purchases of them as 'visitors parking permits with an expiry date of 2023'; we bought them as 'visitors parking permits' - full stop.

If Haringey Council do not offer an equivalent parking permit with an extended life-span, they will have 'taken the money and run', which is not only very poor practice and but is potentially challengeable - maybe under the Trades Descriptions Act 1968, which makes 'provisions prohibiting misdescriptions of goods, services, accommodation and facilities provided in the course of trade; to prohibit false or misleading indications as to the price of goods; to confer power to require information on instructions relating to goods to be marked on or to accompany the goods or to be included in advertisements ...'.

Last week I emailed Ann Cunningham at Haringey Council, who is head of the team responsible for (I quote from LinkedIn) '...network management , parking engineering schemes, community safety CCTV surveillance, concessionary travel and parking and traffic enforcement and all associated service areas' for some feedback or movement on this issue from Ms Cunningham or a colleague but have not had a reply to date.

if you look at the last of the tags under the original conversation above, you’ll see somewhere in one of those conversations that I checked out other neighbouring London boroughs a few years back. I found out that Haringey seem to be the only borough to have expiring parking permits and no refunds.

Given that this problem will very soon solve itself, with the introduction of digital permits, it seems unnecessarily harsh to penalise people at this point in time.

I have a book of weekend permits that were discontinued and I was never able to use- I have the email from Haringey in 2021 telling me that I had been mugged, by them, and that was the end of the matter.

Is there a local authority ombudsman type service we can go to do you think? This does rather strike me as institutional theft, and they are certainly not treating their customers fairly!



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