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Does any one have 4x day permits i could purchase from them? PLEASE! Or borrow until mine come through? 

any help would be very much appriciated!

im on Hewitt Road so would need the GLA ones? 

On a side note is it just me that struggles to access the permit purchasing system on the Haringey website? does it ever actually work? 

many thanks 


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Hi Olly

I have 50 hours worth (25x2 hours) parking permits for that area - however they expire 31/12/2016 - happy to sell them on if that's any help. 

Hi Martha

ive actually managed to get hold of some days from a friend now. thank you for your offer though. 

If they expire the council will replace them- they did mine last year...

Thanks Justin - good to know.
Hi Olly
I'm on Hewitt. I have a weekend permit. You could have.



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