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Just wanted to see if anyone else in the area is having issues with Virgin Media, we've had no broadband or tv for four days?!

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And it's down again since 17:00

So, obviously it's down again. Last night I spoke to someone at Virgin who knew what he was talking about!!!
He said that the road needs digging up, which means virgin have to apply to the council to be allowed to stop the traffic
Virgin have not yet done this, so at the moment there is no plan for mending the fault whatsoever
Once they apply to the council for permission, the council give them a date, I think it took about a week last time

This is exactly what happened last time, the virgin site gives an estimated fix time, even tho they know full well that it is not gonna be fixed for days. That's what annoys me the most. To give a fix time of today when they 100% know that it will not be fix d is really wrong
So in short, don't hold your breath, it's gonna be days!! I've cancelled my virgin account as this happens all the time

There was a 4th outage in 2 weeks yesterday, raised as fault F005349042.  However I received notice that it was resolved at 11:19 this morning.

Anyone having issues with virgin mobile?
It is a week that i can't make or receive calls and same for text messages. It said "no network connection". Called Virgin and they sent me new sim, i tried it today but doesnt seem to work! :( what next?

After the 3-4 day outage last week, we had more outages this week so I called Virgin to complain.

After being on hold for half an hour, their billing department told me they wouldn't increase the refund above £4, and the guy then told me that his Virgin service goes down all the time and he doesn't complain about it - it's an attitude thing apparently, and instead of complaining I should be glass half full and enjoy the service I get. When I asked to speak with a manager I was told that nobody was available or willing to speak with me, and when I asked for the operator's full name and reference number to make a complaint he refused to give it (although I can understand not wanting to give his full name in case it gets splashed in posts like this - not that I would do that :)).

Seemed pretty clear to me they don't really care what level of service they provide, as long as people keep paying. Bad product/service is one thing, but if you can't even shore that up with bog standard customer service you just don't deserve to be in business. Luckily we're just a couple of weeks into our new contract so can cancel without penalty - which we will be doing!

It's down again for us. It seems to go on for short (like 2 minute) bursts before going off again. Anyone else getting that? It's so annoying.

My Broadband and TV has been down almost every day since 30th May. I have phoned them endlessly to be given lost of bogus dates when it will be fixed. They told be I cant leave them as I'm on a contract till February and it will cost me £230 to leave. 

Finally today I spoke to a UK based person who eventually told me it wont be fixed till the 27th July!

They have then agreed that I can leave them without the penalty fee as they admitted it its unacceptable. Needless to say I'm leaving Virgin media forthwith. Good riddance.



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