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Anyone having Virginmedia broadband problems

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Glad you asked. Mine went down an hour ago. Used their online tool and booked an engineer. Not sure if there is an area fault that might get resolved. I am on Pemberton. You?

I spoke to Virgin this morning and I was told that VM are working in a small area of 'Area 15' from 13-18 May.   They said they would have switched off live connections due to the work but only for 2-5min.   My broadband thankfully is up and running again.   

Apparently, Virgin are taking advantage of laying new cabling due low traffic. 

Hope that helps

OK, thanks for the heads up. It is now working, so I will cancel the engineer that was booked. When I checked to see if there were issues in my area it showed none.

Part of my problem is I never know when it is a real issue. It often drops out, but sometimes only for a few moments and then comes back again. I never know whether to go have a cuppa/read the paper etc or to go through the stress of calling them to book an engineer.

I had issues first thing this morning but it’s fixed itself now. Went onto my account and followed an incident that was already logged as well as raising an issue 



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