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There has been a recall of a number of dry cat food brands due to a potential link to hundreds of cases of feline pancytopenia, a blood disorder whereby the cat's body is prevented from producing new blood cells which can be fatal.

The affected brands are Applaws, AVA (Pets at Home), and Sainsbury's Hypoallergenic. Wilko are also doing a voluntary recall of their own brand dry cat food which is made at the same location.

The recall only applies to dry cat food from these brands made in the UK with the factory code GB218E5009. If you have bought any of the above products you should stop feeding them to your cat immediately.

I've attached images of all recalled dry cay food for ease of identifying affected brands (other than Sainsbury's who only produce two different types of hypoallergenic and are easy to recognise).

If you believe you have been feeding any of the above brands and your cat seems unwell, or even just "off", please speak to your vet. Early signs of pancytopenia include lethargy and going off food and early treatment can be vital.

More information can be found on the website for the Royal Veterinary College website here https://www.rvc.ac.uk/news-and-events/rvc-news/feline-pancytopenia-...  

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Thanks for this alert, Sharon. The RVC briefing makes clear this is a serious problem - 70% mortality in just under 300 reported cases.

Sadly a new update this morning now puts it at 352 cases, and it's likely to be a much higher number too, as the RVC are only reporting cases that they know about either via their own vet clinics or that they have been contacted about.

Which reminds me - if anyone has been feeding their cat any of these brands and has received a diagnosis of pancytopenia please consider asking your vets to complete this survey for the RVC to help them get a bigger picture of cases.


We have Coshida brand from Lidl with the same factory code. Does the warning apply to this?

It should be ok, as the brands affected were all grain-free/hypoallergenic foods, but if you want to err on the side of caution you can stop feeding now and keep the food and original packaging somewhere safe. Early signs of be pancytopenia can be vague, like going off food and sleeping a lot more than usual, so if you're in any doubt please speak with your vet. 

Wilko have recalled their food from the same factory even though they're not directly affected, so it might be wise as a precaution - you can always continue feeding it later when it's officially given the all-clear!

Unbelievably sad story, how could they make such a mistake?

It really is just so sad :-( 

The RVC are due to make some kind of announcement today but I'm not sure what or when. Their website is here


From what I’ve read, they aren’t actually sure what is causing the potentially fatal problem, but they are speculating and taking a precaution on these food products. 



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