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Pavement Works outside Yasar Halim Today

Attached is an update outlining what's due to be happening when with the works on Green Lanes.

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blimey, missed seeing this when I came out this morn

This did not make my European visitors happy this morning when they wanted to go to buy breakfast at their favourite shop. They won't be around long enough to see any advantages unfortunately.

As far as I can see, all they've done is dug up the old paving stones and replaced them. If that's what they think of as improving the street realm, they might as well not have bothered.

It's just a start Christopher. Give it a chance.

Hear hear!

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Laying the pavers is heavy work and one of the blokes (Polish?) on the job replied that an average depth of 100mm of sand was going under the new slabs.

Some disruption must happen but the end result is going to be fantastic. This is an example of where the council is getting it right (with help from the GLA).

I particularly welcome the trees that are to go in.

The outcome had better be super fantastic, considering the number of lunch clubs and youth clubs Haringey has recently closed down through lack of money. The fact that we can now afford to lay super strong paving on the footpath of one of the most polluted roads in Haringey is beyond belief. It is certainly not somewhere where I wish to dally to eat and drink on the pavement. It is a main road into London and the traffic needs space to run freely not be deprived of its space. I am a 76 year old woman and can often walk faster between Salisbury Road and Manor House than the 341 bus at present.

True but every weekend I see young local hipsters sitting at tables, probably illegally placed but very welcome, outside cafes and restaurants in Harringay having breakfast and they don't seem to mind the fumes. It would probably be hypocritical of them to actually given the size of the roll-your-owns a lot of them seem to smoke.

My friend Lucy Lastic and I think its well worth the money to have lots of good looking Eastern European workmen around. Long may it last. Only the other day Lucy said to one of them that he was looking very hot and would he like a rub down with and oily rag. He politely declined as he put her back in her wheelchair after she reached over the barrier and toppled out. I told her they weren't safe but she wouldn't listen. (The barriers, not the workmen) She said she hadn't been so shaken since her scarf got got caught in her wheels at a fancy dress party. I told her going as Isadora Duncan wasn't a good idea but she wouldn't listen

Hoorah! More of you on HoL please Poppy!  : )

I see my dear friend Poppy Tupper has been sharing my embarrassing moments.  I shall be having a word with her when she gets back from Bow Street, If they let her out.  Something to do with a street corner, a lamp post and a polish construction worker in a hi-vis jacket named Piotr (the polish man not the jacket) she claimed she just asked if he rolled his own if not she'd roll it for him.  

There was a small pond there this morning

Maybe it's been left for tree planting? Something will be going in there, no doubt.



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