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The message below was sent to a HoL member by Haringey's Head of Operations, Ann Cunningham, in response to an enquiry about the works on Wightman Road. It was dated 4th October.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, some features of the scheme such as the tree pits and part of the drainage system had to be revisited to comply with the most up-to date road safety and sustainability regulations and the contractor has been waiting the delivery of specific materials to undertake the work.

We have reviewed the scheme with our contractor and have programmed these works to recommence next week, it is now forecast that these additional works along with the programmed tree planting, will be completed by the end of November 2019.

The build outs (horse-shoe things) , once completed, will have a tree planted and complementary sustainable drainage feature included, to maximise absorption of water by the trees.  

We apologise for the delays to this scheme, and will endeavour to complete the outstanding works as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many thanks to the original addressee for passing it on to me.

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Dog ate my homework.

What a load of rubbish. As if they didn't know about those requirements at time of sign off. Fact is the entire layout of Wightman Road should be reversed. The new design is dangerous, has caused multiple accidents already and increases pollution as cars are now speeding in between those build outs or have to break hard to avoid collisions and then re-accelerate. How do we hold this Council accountable? 2 speed cameras and some of those 20mph flashing warning signs would have done the trick

It's not the design that causes accidents, it's the drivers.

I think there is broad consensus that the design has made the road a lot more dangerous for all participants and therefore increased the chances of accidents. This project should have reduced the risk of accidents and improved air quality but the opposite is the case. Massive failure by the Council 

Disagree - I am much happier for the reduction in speed of motorists along the street. I totally support the scheme. Perhaps the drivers should be looking ahead at the traffic and cruising through at 20 without issue.

Same here. The road is much quieter and the frustrated drivers struggling to contain their urge to speed adds to the comedy factor. It’s a good thing and I am positive that there should be far fewer accidents as a result of the redesign. 

i dont disagree with the speed reduction. yes traffic is slower because it is more difficult to navigate but it shouldn't be more dangerous. As Michele says below, you have ppl coming into your lane because they are worried of hitting the build outs and damaging the tyres. this then results in ppl slamming on the breaks and re-accelerating causing pollution and noise. 

Also ppl pulling out of Ladder roads have been complaining of poor visibility due to parked cars, having to drive onto Wightman road chancing it and having to pull into oncoming traffic. 

None of this makes any sense and complaints have been ignored by the Council. Instead they finished it and now want to conduct an independent safety study....why not incorporate feedback during the project!?! This council is a total joke 

We live on Sydney Road and have to drive out of Raleigh road which is often blocked by a parked van so you can't see oncoming traffic - it is very dangerous!

I'm not sure Wightman is that much quieter? Some traffic is likely to have been avoiding it while the temporary roadworks traffic lights were in place. The roadworks at the bridge on Station Road will also have the effect of diverting traffic at the moment. Even with those temporary reductions, crossing Wightman as a pedestrian after 3/4pm is very difficult unless you use the signal-controlled crossings, the traffic is heavy in both directions so waiting for a gap in both directions can take a few minutes.

Incidentally I noticed some survey cameras along Wightman recently. I assume these are to record how well drivers are navigating the new buildouts? 

Carry a walking stick and limp a bit. I find drivers are pretty good at giving way 

Seen this in action on Green Lanes. Works quite well...

It is without doubt the worst road design I have ever seen, and generalising about 'drivers' isnt really very helpful. It normally only takes one driver to cause an accident, and the other driver is a victim of that bad driving. And a lot of drivers, especially the bad ones, are taken by surprise by the narrow lanes and bends. I've had more close shaves on that road in the last month than the last 20 years driving, and I'd love to know how many accidents there have been. I cycle too but would never dream of going anywhere near it, I can't think of any road anyway in London more dangerous for cyclists.   



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