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We are sadly leaving Green Lanes next week to move to Germany.

Two things that were very dear to us but don't fit in the van still haven't found a new home.

A 1930s wardrobe that we upcycled and a 1960s vintage bike that is in working order.

We have listed them on Gumtree, links below.

We need to be out of our flat by Monday, 17th and would be happy if they would find a new loving home.

We are busy packing up so are at home if you want to have a look.

We're at the bottom of Seymour Road just above Zam's Chicken, so just give us a quick call and pop by.

We'll probably have another thing or two to sell/give away, like our flat screen telly, kitchen stuff etc...




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Hey! V interested in the wardrobe!!! Will try and find it on gumtree...are there pics there?

Hey Angela

Yes, there are pictures on Gumtree.

Hope the link works... if not, give me a shout and I'll post the pics here.


Hello Mona

Our van is coming on Wednesday so if you want to pop by on Wednesday night or Thursday evening and see what you would like?

Just give me quick call or text me on 07414 972748 before to make sure we are home.

See you then.

Hi Mona, Would you like a box of assorted glasses plus some other bits, I want to get rid of them asap, if so could you PM me- I live nearby.


Is the bike still available?Gumtree says the ad is no longer up, so I'm thinking not, but think it's worth asking!



Hello Lisa
It's gone, sorry.
As is the wardrobe.

Awww, well thanks for letting me know.




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