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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The TFL check your ULEZ conformity site has ( predictably ) crashed. The Dartford crossing payment site has still not been fixed. The Woolwich Ferry is out of action as usual. You wouldn't want to try to fly anywhere.

Can't we get anything right ?

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My Sainsbury’s delivery turned up on time 😊

Witnessed flytipping (10 bin bags of building waste) at 1330 yesterday. Reported it to Veolia at 1420. Witnessed removal of all bags at 1600     :-)

Broken window fallacy. Satisfying to see it removed, but it really isn't 'getting anything right'.

Thank you Michael and Gordon. I feel a little better :-)

I think little Genzhis has overstepped the line with his expansion of the ULEZ tax.

Blade Runners are taking them down as quickly as they went up and their numbers are growing.

Of course I don't condone their behaviour but if he and his cronies force through undemocratic changes on everyday workimg Londoners he shouldn't be surprised. Remember the poll tax.

What exactly is undemocratic about this? He was elected (in an unstolen election?) with a mandate which included cleaning London’s disgusting air in which my and many others’s children are growing up. He’s actioned it. Of course there is no shortage of armchair political scientists who proclaim any policy which generates even an iota of discontent as ‘undemocratic.’

You can exercise your democratic powers by voting him out of office and selecting a candidate who reverses this. It’s how democracy works. 

The good news for those who support clean air is that the horse has bolted, and major other European cities are exploring this route. No politician in their right state of mind (outside fringe weirdos) will support anything other than clean air for their electorate. 

Yay kotkas 

Well said, Kotkas!

Well said Koktas. 

The Blade Runners are responsible for criminal damage and costing us money despite their so called concern for those paying the ULEZ charges. Us everyday working Londoners are mostly on the bus or the tube and voted the Mayor in in droves. I'm sorry he hasn't gone further. Plus anyone who uses puerile references to people's names as an argument deserves short shrift. 

It comes to something when, of all people, IaIn Duncan Smith says he supports their actions.


As for puerile reference, further short shrift for Cem and factchecking desired - it's Genghis.

Genghis is the agreed Anglicised spelling. There are plenty of alternatives. I suppose the important thing is, did you know what Cem meant by it?

Well said, Kotkas. London's air is unsafe for us and our children. Khan is taking bold steps to clean it up and people will have to find ways to adapt. The world is burning. We need to get serious (and better informed) about the Climate Emergency.



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