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I just received a letter (see attachment) from the Haringey Planning Service. It's about a planning application for a 2-bedroom house, to be built in a garden nearby.

Now I don't want to interfere with anybody's plans, but I can't help feeling that gardens are not houses for a reason, and exist for people to have a bit of outside space, for wildlife, providing drainage for rainwater (esp. in conditions where climate change is likely to cause more frequent flooding) etc. Looking up the application online, I also noticed that the people applying for it are not the ones living at the address. So it does look a bit like it might be an attempt by a landlord to cram in as many people as possible into a space that hasn't been constructed for it. It just generally doesn't strike me as a brilliant idea.

Anyway. Does anybody else have views on this, and what is the best thing to do? I do feel like I probably want to object, but would also like some opinions first, as well as what would be the best grounds on which to do so.

Thank you!

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I liked this summary of the rationale for the decision:

“The proposal, by reason of its design, form, scale, massing, layout, location, means of access and lack of street frontage, would be an inappropriate form of backland development, that would not relate to the pattern of development in the area, and would appear a cramped, obtrusive, and incongruous form of development when viewed from surrounding properties and their gardens, to the detriment of local visual amenities and harmful to the character of the area.”

Wordy, but true!

Hugh, your link on the other post redirects to the same post rather than this one.

Oops. Thanks. Sorted. 



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