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I just wondered if anyone can advise me with my telly, please...there's so many channels I'm not getting. On some a message keeps popping-up on a blank screen that says "the receiver is not receiving a signal or the signal is too weak". 

What should I do? 


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General faultfinding info here, here and here.

Thanks for this.

I've been having similar issues. Retuning has not solved it. I wonder if there's a new transmitter we need to point aerial at ? 

Maybe...although for some reason some channels are fine this morning but others are still completely gone.

I'm going to have to call a TV  engineer to take a look. I've got an amplifier box for the TV signal but not sure if it's working or not.  And signal is usually a lot worse when it's raining.

I know this a really obvious one so apologies if you’ve already checked, but I had a similar problem a few weeks ago and after trying everything I looked at the back of the set and the aerial cable going in to the freeview box had slightly dislodged.  Pushed it back in and everything worked fine

I looked..after reading your reply...and everything seemed ok. Finger-crossed!

Some Freeview interference is caused by the switching on of a new, nearby mobile phone mast.

There's a 'decision tree' here from   at800.tv  which outfit was set up some years ago by the mobile phone companies to mitigate such problems, e.g. by sending you (free) electronic filters if they think it could help you.

Thanks for that.

Samantha you don't say whether you have subscription tv or freesat/freeview. I use freesat with a sagem box and only have problems in very bad weather or when the sagem disc is full.

Is your box - not the TV - which is the problem?

Gregory King



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