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We are looking for a tutor to help our son with maths and science in KS3. He doesn't need anything very formal, he's looking for a bit of help with revision and to keep on track with his grades. Might suit a student or recent graduate. Please get in touch if this might be of interest. 

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Just messaged you in case you have no joy, I may have an option for you.

Thank you!

Hi Ellen. Just sent you a connection request as my daughter who graduated last year, would be very interested in tutoring your son. Thanks Andrew Pye

Great, thank you Andrew. I’ve sent you a message. 

Hi there, apologies for not seeing this and replying sooner! I've accepted your connection request regarding your daughter helping mine with revision techniques.

Hi Ellen

Did you find someone to help your son? We're also looking for a student or recent graduate who did well in their GCSEs who can help our Y10 daughter to master general revision techniques. If you can recommend someone or anyone knows of a person, please do drop me a line.

Hi Ellen, I am also looking for a tutor for my Daugther. If you could recommend someone that would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi Lisa (and Sydney too, sorry!)

We did find a great tutor, yes. I’ll check to see if they are happy/interested to have their details shared and let you know. 

Hi Ellen, so sorry for being slack in replying! I've accepted your connection request, thanks!

Great, I’ll message you 



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