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"Trust and belonging" among British under-50s the lowest in Europe?

interesting article on this here. I would like to think that HOL contributes to more trust and belonging for local residents. You can answer the survey questions here

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Thanks Adam, see also this post on the same issue with links to another article and post on social interaction and some comments.
Good link, Adam. Thanks.
I think sites like HOL have a really important part to play in these sorts of things, by helping people connect and feel part of something bigger.

I remember lots of soul searching when the internet started getting going (that makes me feel sooooo old) and there was - among some - this real fear that we were all going to turn into saddo computer nerds, home alone, glued to our computer screens. But I doubt anyone really appreciated the way the web could be used for social networky stuff - did anyone imagine the popularity of Facebook etc back then.

Of course, getting out and actually meeting people helps too - which is where HOL is even better ...



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