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I noticed today that a planning application has been submitted to remove trees covered by tree protection orders in the grounds of St Ann's Hospital.

I know that some of these trees are considered to be quite special. So, I thought it worth a quick look.

It appears that specific trees are being removed after a health check by an arboriculturalist.

So everything is probably above board. But if there's someone who's more of a tree expert who can take a quick look, it might be just as well.

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Thanks Hugh. I just had a quick look through the report and counted at least 35 trees to be cut down and stumps poisoned, of these 14 have Tree Protection Orders. One of the reasons for cutting down the trees, which is used a number of times, is the 'future structural impact'. This seems a little strange as the developer for the site hasn't been chosen by the GLA yet and therefore there are no detailed plans for the site. This all seems a little premature. I've attached the survey.st%20anns%20GLA%20tree%20survey%20may%202020.pdf

If anyone is interested in getting involved in a Friends of St Ann's Green Spaces (StAGS) please post here.

I'd be interested Chris!

Thanks R-chel, good news :)

We've started meeting virtually  - next one is on Monday evening at 6pm if you an make it - I'll message you the Zoom link.


I was alarmed to see this. Last week on a walk round the site I saw that two trees that I think are Poplars on the Western margin of the site, between the perimeter rd and the wall, had been very totally pollarded down to the tree trunk.

I agree with David King below that it's massively premature to go for planning permission to cut down 35 trees, not to mention the 14 with Tree protection orders. 

Presumably we can all respond to the planning document, (and any pointers for what to say to be effective will be gratefully received) but what else can we do? 

In case of interest, I attach two separate leaflets of tree walks in St Ann's hospital site. The first was created years ago with David Bevan, conservation officers. The second (separate files for each side of the page) was a leaflet produced by Friends of Chestnuts Park and TCV, also listing many trees of interest on the site and in Chestnuts Park. 


I wanted to share a before and after of this beautiful tree that holds a particularly special place in my heart. I’ve lived here near 30 years and this tree has been cut every 5 or so years due to a large amount of “parachutes” that come off the tree. 

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has an update about this application? 

It was withdrawn

This application, or a very similar one, has now been resubmitted.



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