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Good progress has been made with the paving outside the Salisbury pub in the last few days and a few trees have been planted. Here are 3 phone snaps I took. I like what I see so far, but I'd also be interested to hear what some of my neighbours think. And if anyone has factual info on the timetabling of further tree planting, street furniture etc. on Grand Parade., it would be good to hear this too. (I thought I read on HOL recently that we missed the tree planting season, but looks like there was a change of plan....!)

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Perhaps someone could suggest it to the Management of the Salisbury ? I would but I never go in there.

When trees were planted on the "Ladder" in May the Parks Dept came out as a matter of course, they had a lorry with a large tank of water to send gallons and gallons down the hose to the roots, perhaps they plan to do the same this time as they will probably need more than a bucket of water during this hot spell. If they start to droop a bit you could always e.mail Alex Fraser alex.fraser@haringey.gov.uk he's very helpful and efficient.



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