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Good progress has been made with the paving outside the Salisbury pub in the last few days and a few trees have been planted. Here are 3 phone snaps I took. I like what I see so far, but I'd also be interested to hear what some of my neighbours think. And if anyone has factual info on the timetabling of further tree planting, street furniture etc. on Grand Parade., it would be good to hear this too. (I thought I read on HOL recently that we missed the tree planting season, but looks like there was a change of plan....!)

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Yay, finally! 

Does this mean the slab delivery has now also occurred? 

Yes it looks like it's all go Pav, which is good news. That area outside the Salisbury needed this long ago! Trees look great.

I did speak to the landlord a while back about having tables outside. He said it would cost him a few grand pa in council charges so, he wasn't particularly interested which is a shame but, I'm sure others would rather there were no tables outside the pub anyway!

No disrespect to Dave and the Salisbury, but the idea of the Piazza was that is was a community space, not a summer time overspill from the pub- destined to become a community ash tray...

I think you are right, and I think that its fine if some folks do spill outside- heck, I would love to have a beer in the evening air (albeit by a main road). I just do not want it to suddenly become the norm and what a should be a shared space being colonised by section of the community.

Also, and this is a wider point along GL too, I hope that when folks do spill out that Dave and his crew take responsibility for the consequences- and by that I mean they take in glasses and bottles left outside promptly, sweep up fag buts and ash and generally keep the space in a good condition for all. The wider point is that I often wonder what kinds of social contract many of the traders think they have with the rest of the community living here on and around GL. I often see piles of cardboard boxes outside shops, and litter everywhere. So much crap blows up Pemberton from Yasha for example...

I used to work at McDonalds when I was a teenager, and say what you like at McDs, but they regularly sent folks out with a litter picker and black bags, not only picking McDs litter, but everything we found on our travels! I think it is an excellent example of what one part of the social contract I mention means.

Ha- sounds more like a soap box rant than intended. Hey ho

Go and chill out (outside!) with a beer this evening at the Salisbury Justin - sounds like you need it.

We all need it Matt, just not up to our eye balls in fag buts, crap and (with a nod to Simon Pegg's brilliant 'Hot Fuzz') crusty jugglers...

I thought it was going to be a pocket park, it's just a big pavement with a few tree's down the side of the road isn't it ?
No, it was never going to be a pocket park. That was planned for Salisbury Promenade.
Ah right.

By "...was planned..." - do you mean the pocket park is not happening now?

Slightly worrying that these trees outside the Salisbury have been planted so late in the season. Can any H.O.L'ers that live near put a bucket of water on them every now and then? [once a fortnight say...] The council certainly won't, and without a bit of TLC the new trees won't last 'til autumn. See Tree Warden website for help. Do we have any Tree Wardens on the ladder?



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