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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There have been a number of groups that have lived a spell in Harringay, I always believed Travis spent time in the Gardens, I'm sure I heard an interview where Haringey/Harringay? Was mentioned. Having seen the back sleeve image, I was very excited at the time, (having lived in Portland gardens from 94-97.) 'Good Feeling' was released in 1997, but was it just a convenient location for a shoot, or is it somewhere else? it looks so familiar.

The sleeve Photography is by Scarlet Page, & I remember thinking why didn't we think of that, as a house of visual arts post grad's?

Today of all days as I just I found the album in Marie Curie for £1.50, result! I could only afford singles through the 90's, so catching up. This year is significant celebrating 25 years of live music in London for me, & there's always a tale to tell.

So anyone recognise the house?

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More about Konk in a post from 2011.

Images below for KONK
Were they known as the Waterfront then?
No response from the Gardens as yet...

Judging by the pattern of the garden wall, this is the top end of Chesterfield Gardens

I thought you meant the builders merchant were moving into the Garrdens.

Must have been inspired by B&Q moving into the old Holloway Road Post Office (and that's a fact).

What's Stephen Merchant doing in the Gardens?

Not Travis Perkins :)

They did indeed live in Chesterfield Gardens, circa 1996-97, in a house rented from Brian Thomas estate agents. Scarlet Page is the daughter of Jimmy Page, incidentally...

Local knowledge is brilliant, fab to finally make the connection, thanks Phill.



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