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The Hale works Tower, centerpiece of the development off Ferry Lane in Tottenham, was originally planned for 18 stories. It is now to be 32 stories high.

This may just be one of the new tall buildings that will soon be dotting the centre and the east of the borough.

Haringey Tall buildings plan shows towers mainly concentrated in Wood Green, New River and Tottenham.

Some of these buildings will no doubt be a welcome development, but residents will do well to continue to play a part in monitoring what's going on.

As we know from the Hampden Road development, for whatever reason, Haringey sometimes fly in the face of their own policies and approve tall buildings wherever they see fit. (Although, having said that, whilst the Hampden Road development WAS approved in contravention of Haringey's own policy, I have to admit, that having seen it built, I can't say I object to it).

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This isn't Kensington, daaaahling, this is Tottenham....no guaranteed stupendous profits from leaving the property empty.  Do you have any evidence to support your contention...?

Property has become a financial instrument. And everybody who isn't rich is paying the price!

Answering here as I can't reply to your comment  

  1. Stop it with the patronising shizzle. 
  2. It's a well known fact that wealthy foreign investors hide money in the UK property market. 
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/...
  4. https://www.globalwitness.org/it/blog/how-stop-dirty-money-coming-l...
  5. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/money-laundering-hmrc-tax-update
  6. https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/support-services/advice/articles/anti...
  7. I work in housing. 

I hope you are not refering to me as 'condeming' large scale projects. I said 'bleurk' indicating that I do not like the fact that I will see the high rise buildings from my place. That is a matter of my taste. Call me a nimby if you want. Your comments are just so facile. Yiou are just prepared to accept these builings any and every where just because they provide more homes in theory i.e even where evidence is that they are not helpiung with providong the homes that people need. That is really sad.

High rise developments may have their place. But at T Hale the higher buildings are on the southern sides of the various developments - they block the sunlight out from their neighbours to the north - this is just plain stupid. The award winning Hale village is now going to be surrounded by builidngs higher than those intially built. Some residents bought their flats with views over the reservoirs and they will now be looking out over a high rise building.


Pedant alert - that is 'storeys'. 

That's your storey and you're sticking to it.....

Nice one!

Yup. Just what Tottenham needs, £500k-£800k+-odd housing up to 32 storeys. The Hampden Road development is still mostly empty, so that's an incongruously huge block which seems to have met a demand that doesn't exist. Time will tell, I guess. I agree with Hugh that, now it's up, it's not as ugly as I hoped, but it's still far too tall for the area. 

Joke is that many will be purchased by rental companies to Let to Local Authorities

Accept might not be local. More like Central London Councils

Why do Councils not come to arrangement to Buy / Let flats if they are unwilling or able to build Social Housing

Instead of lining Property companies by renting off them

Yes aware a number will be allocated to Social Housing. Part of Building Deal

Out of interest who manages Allocated Social Properties ?

As a earlier post. Majority will not have Parking Spaces

To be fair to Grainger (dont tell anyone) their FagPacket Tower at  7Sisters with all be rental*. 39% 'affordable' as that was the deal when they were pushing for the Wards site - there's NO affordable in that plan, so the two sites are taken together. But will 20% off the rent of a flat on top of a very good tube line, be 'affordable' for many? 

This is about build-to-rent which is a new trend for developers. They are struggling to sell, and councils can't afford to build social housing, so the idea is to build to be able to take a handful of people off council lists. Easier to manage a whole tower with one access point than thousands of houses scattered across the land (previous Grainger style which they are dumping). It's believed they got advantageous loans from GLA for the build.  Tenants get a five-year lease which is far better than most private landlords. Dunno if the 'affordables' will be able to use the gym and the gated playground.

PS The Wards site is still contested. Don't believe Grainger's tweets.

* That's the plan. Says something like 'in the first place'. So if prices shoot up they can still change to selling. And the 39% could be changed if prices go down - the floor plan design of the discounted flats is the same as the 'market price'. As the difference is probably one of trim, they can change the designation by putting in better furnishings. Would need to go back to Planning but many similar adjustments, made once the building is up and then oh dear they won't make their 20% margin after all,  have been allowed. 

*cough* spurs.

Maybe it will be postponed - this week we heard a major developer is not aquiring ANY new sites for at least 18 months. Uncertainty re Bre*it, and falling London prices. They have too much unsold stock. 

I keep thinking we're going to need more schools & health centres,  etc.



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