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Over on one of the events pages, Liza Messing wrote the following:

Hi there. I won't be coming to the meeting but am pleased to see WPRA on this site as I think its a really good site. I am concerned however that we - as members of WPRA- come under the 'other' rather than expected members and wonder if the group should liase with HOL about this. It seems to me HOL works best if it includes all communities with an active interest and commitment to a small geographical area around green lanes - Harringay - which certainly includes me on Avondale Road. It is much nearer for me to walk to green lanes than it would be for someone at the top end of one of the ladder roads. I think that in going with the current 'gardens/ladders' definition of the site - it is using an estate agents/post code based view of the area, rather than one based on commitment to a geographical area and so real world community. Which is after all what HOL is supposed to be about. I have many friends on the ladders and gardens roads, they send their kids to Woodlands Park Nursery (if they are lucky enought o get a place!) and our kids cross over in terms of the schools they go to. i would welcome a dialogue about this - in terms of defining membership and a sense of being invited and expected to contribute - to a radius around green lanes rather the current ladder/gardens which can feel divisive. any thoughts anyone ?

Had a look at the sites map of Harringay - and it looks as though on that basis half of my road (Avondale) is in Harringay and half isn't... I live in the Harringay bit. This is a bit bonkers and makes me think that a geographical radius around GL is still the best way to proceed....

Excuse me for moving your comments Liza, but I think this is probably a better place to have a discussion than on Geoff's Event notice.

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Happy to have that dialogue Liza. It's not really postcode or ward based. We include parts of three postcodes and three wards. The idea was to define what I call a natural neighbourhood. I assumed that a large part of WPRA would think of themselves as West Green given the proximity to West Green High Road. (Did you know that 150 years ago, West Green was bigger than Wood Green?).

There's no intention of being exclusive. It's more about developing a shared sense of place. We've already had a couple of changes. No reason why there shouldn't be
Good idea to move and thanks. I thought it might be of interest to other WPRA members which is why I put it there. You're probably right that some of the WPRA area may not feel so much a part of Harringay, but we live so near Green lanes that we really do and probably others nearby do too. be good to hear if others feel this way or not.
My 'shared sense of place' is definitely Harringay Green Lanes although living in Woodlands Park Road, just outside the HOL 'border', I could just as equally choose to align with West Green. Although it has shops I can't say that I've ever noticed a particularly strong community feel about the latter.

I use the Green Lanes shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. daily but am designated an 'outsider' by the fairly arbitrary definition taken for a 'natural neighbourhood' by HOL.

Wherever you draw the line will be contraversial but currently it seems too tightly defined.
Can Ritches Road be included too?
I promise we'll be good!
Up until recently I was living on Avondale Rd too and definitely felt that this was part of Harringay Green Lanes. Avondale should be added onto the drop down!
"Harringay Green Lanes" is the name made up by the council. I hate it.

Just Harringay is fine.

Hugh actually spent a lot of time doing research into the historical boundaries of "Harringay". He even notes that the bit of the ladder that I live on could be construed as Hornsey. Check out the wikipedia article.
So I don't live in Harringay at all ? Damn! Delete all my posts please Hugh :-)
Noo, noo, noo. I say you do live in Harringay but recognise your right to call it Hornsey. Fingers OFF that delete button!
It's the ladder - no plural.
I prefer Harringay Park :)
Liz wrote : I prefer Harringay Park :) cough ... splutter - nearly choked on my tea when I read that statement.. Liz is aiming 'up market'.. lol

Seriously though, I also think that perhaps the junction of Black Boy Lane & St Ann's is actually as far as Harringay extends.. (that includes Ritches!) Many Harringay kids over the years have gone to school there..
The problem is, where to draw a northern Boundary..? I'm sure Conway residents consider themselves to be in Tottenham (West Green) .. so perhaps just add those streets south of Conway to St Ann's? What do you think ?

I have family ties to both Conway & Avondale (in the past) !
No Steve not aiming for anything, I just like the old names for things.
Like people who want to call the Harringay Passage the Haringey Passage because that's what their name for it was ;)

I actually think the Ladder is quite an ugly name for an area compared to say The Gardens, West Green, Woodlands Park. Everyone else gets bucolic, we get something you climb up - maybe apt if you listen to the estate agents - but hardly pretty.



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