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I'm currently with O2 and the coverage is okay, but I'm looking at other options.

The various network coverage checker maps suggest Three Mobile coverage ranging from Excellent to no data across the Ladder. EE seems good in all checkers.

The most reliable checker, based on actual date not a prediction is Open Signal.* They show "No Data" for most of the Ladder. (Another one I found is Root Checker).

Given EE's customer feedback, I'm erring towards Three, but not if the coverage is no good.

Anyone care to share their experience? 

*BTW, Open Signal and the Consumer Association make the following request: 

To ensure that our reports and the interactive map are accurate, we require as much data as possible. To help provide this, we need you to download OpenSignal's free Android or iPhone app.

The data collected is stripped of any identifying information and uploaded to OpenSignal's servers, taking care to use as little processing power and battery life as possible.

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I'm with 3. Coverage on the ladder is excellent - reliable 4G. Was previously with Vodafone, and the improvement was striking.

Can confirm, 3 coverage is excellent.

I use Giff gaff sim only, tremendously cheap which piggy backs on the O2 network. I have excellent 4g but I am at the top of the hill. good luck x

With 3.
I get unlimited calls, texts and data plus 30 gig of use as a wifi hotspot.
£23 a month SIM only. Coverage is fine on the ladder and there is no-extra-cost roaming on calls, text and data in many countries.
My husband switched from O2 to 3 and he consistently moans about the coverage. Particularly the phone signal. The 4g is apparently no better than o2. It's not my experience, but his. He moans that he was promised great things from asking on twitter, but then reality has been most underwhelming. But he's certainly paying less on his contract now and the data is fine on the ladder.

I am with O2 and have no problems around the ladder and very few anywhere else that I go.  I first got O2 in 2004 because this operator was well connected abroad - especially in the obscure places where I then worked.  This may have been partly the legacy of O2 having belonged originally to BT.  As regards coverage in the UK, this BT connection also meant that back in the 80s and 90s O2 (then known as CellNet) was easily able to find good locations for base stations because BT already had buildings all over the place especially in urban centres and radio masts in all sorts of out of the way places.  O2 no longer belongs to BT but I dare the legacy endures.  Modern 3G and 4G basestations are much more numerous and shorter range than the earlier 2G ones but the latter still have the merit of ensuring that you can make and receive an old fashioned telephone call with your smart phone even if you are miles from the nearest 4G basestation or Wifi hot spot.  So, if you are a person who likes to roam about rural parts of the country, better make sure that your super 4G network has voice coverage in the areas that its 4G or 3G service doesn't reach (which in terms of geographical area could be most of the country).

Incidentally, my partner has service from EE and detests it since her previous provider was merged into this new venture.

I have Three and it works everywhere fine although in my kitchen the signal registers as low. This is off the Passage near the N4 / N8 demarcation line.

I'm with Three and get excellent coverage all along the ladder. I do get issues elsewhere but unbeatable value for money

I'm with Three (was with EE) and have the best coverage I've had here yet.

I'm on three. Coverage on the ladder is good, no issues at all. This is my second time on three  - the first about 5 years ago - and their coverage has definitely improved. I've never noticed a signficant coverage problem in London in the last year.

Outside of London is different - I definitely have more reception issues than those on (say) vodafone in some rural areas. This doesn't really bother me too much though.

Three is very good value, but the best thing about it (if you travel) is Feel At Home - the fact all calls/data is inclusive of your normal allowance in a number of different countries. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Phones/Feel_At_Home (counties listed here)

This has made holidays in those countries incredibly easy! Still having full data for maps, sat nav, googling opening times, translations etc...

I switched to Three from EE (N8 part of Ladder) and the 4G coverage is really poor. Outside and in my living room everything is dandy but as soon as you go deeper inside a building, whether its mine in the backroom/bathroom, or a shop (particularly in central London) 4G drops off and coverage is bad. Takes ages to load pages or connect to anything etc.

EE's 4G coverage was far superior - however their customer relations are really bad which is why you will regularly see them have bad reviews. Considering switching back but Three is cheaper so might just lump it for now

Thank you all for your comments - all very helpful.



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