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I've just joined the forum - it's great to see such an active community space and I'm sure I'll be checking it during regular downtime at work! 

I just wanted to flag to male users of Park Road Leisure Centre not to be as trusting (or if you're so inclined, careless) as me and leave your locker unlocked. Over the August bank holiday last year I had everything - including clothes, phone, keys and shoes - stolen while I was swimming, so I had to trudge home in some lost property the Centre kindly lent me and take a lift from a helpful neighbour to my parents house.

So a warning to anyone who forgets their £1 and decides to risk it! 

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Unfortunately very common with opportunistic thieves. I go to different pools

in London and they all state to NOT leave anything unlocked in the changing rooms.

It happened to a friend whilst he was in the shower! Took everything! 

Sorry this happed to you.

Thanks Emma, the admin kept me busy for the next couple of weeks or so!

I can understand wallet/phone.....but clothes!! 

Yes that was the worst part of it actually, haha!

I know someone who bought one of the locks at the reception of the gym he was going to and had his stuff stolen too. Buy your own lock!

I was under the impression that Park Road Leisure Centre got rid of the £1 coins  for the lockers and you had to input a four digit code instead. 

Still had the £1 locks in the men’s changing room for the pool on Wednesday.



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