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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Not goats or mountain lions but nice to see our ducks reclaiming the streets.

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One of our local foxes has certainly got more brazen.

A few weeks go, one opened up our food recycling, bit though the bag and rooted through it, all the time tossing the contents around our front gardden. He was back early this morning at it again. 

Seeing bolder foxes too, partly the season, but also less food waste kicking around out the back of restaurants.which means they're hungrier. 

Good thought.

He's just come again. 

Last week, we'd put some chicken skin in the one of the bags. There's been no meat in there since, but the chicken skin is clearly deeply impressed in his memory. 

I don't mind them at all. I just wish they'd learn to tidy up after themselves. Daily cleaning up spilled food waste quickly loses its early appeal!

They are lovely, yes and always give rise to a cry of "foxy!" and a rush to the window in our house.

This despite having moved from rural Cornwall where a dog fox took out my entire flock of hens, all 12, one night (I didn't realise the catch on the door was malfunctioning). The vet reckoned as we'd had no trouble for 4/5 years it was probably a new dog fox to the area and some change in local territories. 

What a wonderful picture 

The other day the 'Arringay 'eron had landed closer to the New River Path than I've seen him before. This phone snap shows him/her between the weed grabber mechanism and the entrance to the tunnel, at the bottom of the slope from Wightman. But, I doubt it had anything to do with the lockdown, because the normally wonderfully deserted New River Path has become, comparatively, a veritable highway over the past few weeks.

Perhaps the traffic on the path is why I've been able to hear so many more geese overhead nearby. 

Great pictures thank you, lovely to see especially as I'm not allowed out of the house until the middle of June.

I can hear a lot birds than usual and we have lots of different ones visiting our garden. 

Has anybody seen Stumpy? The fox with an amputated tail.

Not necessarily wildlife but I've been fascinated to watch a big black cat gently expand his horizons since lockdown - I assume the traffic was a bit too busy beforehand so he stayed on the north side of St Ann's Road and strutted around Glenwood Road like he owned the shop (well, he does). Now it's quieter, he's determined it's safe enough to wander across to explore behind the hedges of the Mansions. I imagine there are rich pickings down there. He doesn't have a collar and isn't fond of humans approaching him so I did wonder if he might be feral, but he's in much too good condition for that, I think.

On the way back from Westminster on Sunday night I must have spotted at least half a dozen foxes, including one that tore out in front of me from the side gate of FP and across to the New River - they seem somewhat less "scraggy" these days - fluffy and well groomed. Annoying bin raids aside, I'm also very pleased to see some wildlife other than amputee pigeons!

That cat is probably the unneutered tom cat that terrorises all the other cats whose gardens he patrols and regularly breaks into houses and sprays all over the place. 



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