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...by the time they have finished, 50% of the tree cover will be gone.

Local documentary photographer Sabrina Merolla was able to take pictures of some of the early destruction.

The pictures speak for themselves I think

Click through to her Instagram here

"The scale of tree and canopy loss is extraordinarily high. Given the climate emergency and record London temperatures in 2022, loss of canopy of this magnitude should lead to an automatic rejection of the design. People in London are dying from excessive heat and air pollution. A project that predicts an overall loss of canopy even after new planting should be unacceptable. All planning guidance in London is for increasing canopy cover." (Russel Miller @tree_russ )

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thank you.

My name is Sabrina Merolla btw ;-)

Apologies Sabrina, now corrected.

  Just when we thought the development  was all going ahead with proper tree cover, the site gets sold and we're back to zero again [or actually much worse] Those trees are vital for our health and mental state-ironic that the mental patients of St anns would probably benefit from the trees most of all. Scandal.

So, why not directly reporting them and writing to newspapers?

And also here: "Report Woods and Trees Under Threat - Woodland Trust" https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/protecting-trees-and-woods/campaig...

and here


 Incidentally, there is quite alot about the St Ann's development in yesterday's Guardian article about the filming of Allelujah in the grounds a few months ago. Film opens [I think] in march.

Indeed it does. More here.

Because they are mainly removing poor quality self seeded sycamores and retaining / protecting all the important trees like the rare holly, they are planning planting far more native species which will support local insects, birds and fauna, all in accordance with their planning approval. But I suppose that isnt such an interesting story.

Excuse me, Peter, but I do not understand what you mean exactly.

They have kept only part of the valuable trees (Peace Garden). All the rest have already been felled last week; many valuable trees. We are talking about 100 trees.

Re-planting, if they will ever plan a proper maintenance service, will have some impact only in at least 30-40 years. I cannot see anything positive in this story. 



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