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It's been exactly one year since Storm Eunice when we lost a beautiful old tree at the junction of Sydney and Willoughby. The tree was removed quickly and efficiently within 24 hours: god forbid anything gets in the way of the smooth flow of traffic across the borough. But the hole has remained. I've reported it to the council through their online reporting system and emailed my local councillor twice, with no response. And here it has remained for an entire year now: a horrible eyesore collecting rubbish, food packaging, bins and any household waste that passers by want to chuck in. Honestly, it's no wonder there is so little respect for our local neighbourhood with such obvious neglect for the environment. Anyone have any ideas on how this can finally be resolved, or should we start planning for the 'terrible twos'? 

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I'd be inclined to get the guerrilla gardeners onto it. 

Sorry to hear of the continued presence of the hole - reminds me of a story by Brendan Behan when he started a job with Dublin Corporation - he arrived at his workplace on his first day to find a gang of workmen gathered around a hole in the ground singing "happy birthday". He enquired what this was about and they happily informed him that it was exactly one year since they started "repairs" on this hole and they had been happily employed there and receiving full time pay for the previous twelve months!

Hi Rory

Just saw your post and the photos. I am reporting this now so hopefully the hole won't have a second birthday.

Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Amazing. Thank you. 

There was a big backlog on work like this, we had a tree go down outside our house on 18/2 in the same storm and that took a few weeks and a councillor's involvement to get removed. However the stump was still there with barriers round it blocking parking and the path. Despite regular reports and harrying, including by another councillor, I was told that resources were stretched and the Highways Department were having trouble sourcing contractors to do the work. It finally got removed in November!



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