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A brain teaser for those of you for whom the puzzles in the back of the Sunday newspaper magazine supplements don't provide quite enough of a challenge:

How many of the vehicle journeys on Wightman Road each week continue for the full length of the road?

Remember to show your workings out, you may get marks even if your final answer is wrong.

The prize for the first correct answer out of the hat is: a trip on Hugh's Lear Jet! (When he gets one, which I'm sure won't be too long).

There will also be plenty of runners-up prizes of: a "Winning Smile" from the waiter or waitress of your choice in any Green Lanes restaurant! (Subject to availability. Prize may not be available in all stores. Terms and conditions apply.)

I'll post my own model answer later. Once I've worked it out.

An online spreadsheet of the traffic survey data is still available here and I think this screenshot may show all the data you need:

Good luck!

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This is really interseting

Couple of questions Joe
- can the number be to two decimal places the allow for those teeny weeny Smart cars?
- is it acceptable to use a multiplier where H = the number of days Homebase had a "10% off everything" day?

That's an interesting line of attack Michael. I don't want to give too much away this early in the day but if you expand the multiplier to H*N²/A!, doesn't it tend to 1 anyway?


N= double Nectar points weekends as Sainsburys; and

A= Arsenal home games)

I'm surprised to have had no entries so far - even with a random guess you would have stood a good chance of winning one of the runners-up prizes!
I shall do the honourable thing and put my own head above the parapet then; here's my calculation:
Total vehicle journeys along full length of Wightman = Sw + Nw - E, where      

Sw = Total southbound vehicles entering north end of Wightman     
Nw = Total northbound vehicles entering south end of Wightman    
E = Total eastbound vehicles leaving Wightman via a rung road    
Sw = 55639 southbound vehicles recorded on Wightman between Hampden and Lausanne i.e. entered at Turnpike Lane junction but didn't immediately leave via Sydney or Hampden plus some southbound vehicles that entered Wightman from Raleigh;

plus 9508 southbound vehicles entering Wightman then leaving via Sydney (i.e. assumed  all of Sydney traffic originally came from the Wightman/Turnpike Lane junction);

plus 6416 southbound vehicles entering Wightman then leaving via Hampden (i.e. assuming 75% of Hampden traffic came from Turnpike Lane); 

less 1154 i.e. assuming 10% of Raleigh vehicles turn south into Wightman.   

Therefore, Sw = 70409     
Nw = 53013 vehicles that entered Wightman from Endymion plus some that entered via Umfreville;
less 4225 i.e. assuming 50% of Umfreville vehicles turn north.    

Therefore Nw = 48788     
E = 94911 total vehicles exiting Wightman on an eastbound rung    
Sw + Nw -E = 24286     
While calculating this I was also wondering about the oft-quoted figure of 120,000 total journeys made on Wightman. I think it may be far higher - something like:

Sw + Nw + W = 70409+48788+92428 = 211,625

Is this right? 



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