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When Tesco applied to take over an old stale shop in a local parade of shops, lots of local Lefties, Liberals and Greens opposed their arrival into the community. They complained Tesco was too capitalist and too close to the Conservative Party. 

Years later, my two photos show how successful this small store is thanks to demand from happy customers and the installation of a cash point.

Two large trucks arrive each day. This busy branch of Tesco has created lots of jobs with ethnic minorities winning most of the posts. 

Though I don't like the slogan on their truck "Getting pickles to Cheddar".

It's too cheesy for me. 

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As a believer in the capitalist system and a conservative supporter I find your trolling of this forum in search of some outraged leftist reaction pretty pathetic.

It’s a Tesco which, like all others, receives deliveries through the firms integrated supply chain. So bloody what Neil? With a share price down 15% since 2018 highs and a declining market share they are not exactly creating value for shareholders. But well done on taking a couple of photos and the rigorous commentary on the fortunes of their Bounds Green store. No doubt you are next in line for the Lex.

Hahahaha. These fishing expeditions are spectacular.

Yes I agree to, it is a very nice cash machine.


Embarrassing attempt at a TED talk.

Clearly I’m missing something

i mean it’s a Tesco shop, and 

Wonder if the lorries here notch up as many parking tickets as the ones delivering to the Green Lanes branch do for parking on double-yellow lines and obstructing buses and local traffic? Tesco’s behaviour would probably get anyone else into court.

I hope it's a better Tesco than the sorry one we have on Green Lanes. They're always out of something or the freezer is broken. Have stopped going there actually. 

Agree about stock levels, though it’s the inconsistency (stuff that’s there one week suddenly disappears for good the next) that irritates the most. The chiller cabinets seem more reliable since the refit last year (or was it 2018?), but it’s obviously a Tesco-wide problem, as the same thing kept happening in Kentish Town — local to where I spent most of lockdown — in the hot weather.

the treatment I got from the security guard there!  Just because I had a bag full of shopping from Harringay Local Store, and just popped in to look for one more thing that it turned out Tesco didn't have anyway... (macadamia nuts - should have gone to Kofali)

This discussion is too off-topic. Shouldn't we be discussing the HARRINGAY Tesco?

(someone had to take the bait)

Yep — it’s just a Tory wind-up... “Neil” (or the Central Office bot) is obviously geographically-challenged; or perhaps badly-programmed. 



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