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Reading an interesting article, with examples from the UK and the US, about how place branding by communities can have a positive impact including: attracting and retaining talent; shifting negative perceptions; supporting economic recovery; stimulating demand, and strengthening civic pride. 

Read the article yourself here.

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Damn right. As I may have mentioned once or twice, this stuff really does matter.

Austin not done too well in this article as I think of it as not "weird" but for the long running SXSW music festival.

The branding for Shrewsbury is very clean and effective, and acts as a great umbrella for local interests/ trades.

The best local example I can think off the top of my head at present is the branding for Silicon Roundabout and Tech City initiatives. The idea comes first and the community follows. 

But what are you thinking? A Green Lanes branding exercise? Where will you start?

Did you so much as click on Hugh's link? I was cycling down Green Lanes today and saw that a new cafe had opened and thought I should snap a picture and say "ha, here's another one you missed!", but I was nearly at Newington Green so an acceptable miss. In case you're wondering where I'm going with this, Green Lanes goes from Newington Green to Palmer's Green. Harringay is just here with a powerful brand that the council are trying to dilute because they think it confuses people because they use an old spelling of the name as their brand. Click on Hugh's link. We've been discussing it for years. I tried to make it an election issue in 2010 but got nowhere.

I SO just have clicked on it now that it is there. Yet I don't recall mentioning Green Lanes over and above Harringay (nor does the article)...but as you mention it is the latter part of East Crouch End?

Suggest you start a place branding exercise if politics has failed you. 

Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

*cough* It's Harringay *cough* - Green Lanes in Harringay is the name of one side of the High Street (Grand Parade being the other side).

A more local example that I think is really working for stimulating demand for local products and promoting civic pride is the Tottenham Ploughman's

Language and names change though. The area around the Salisbury is known by almost everyone as 'Green lanes' now. I think you're on to a losing battle.

I've got 1786 map of the local area. Loads of places have changed names. Hornsey was once 'Hornfey'. Alley palley area was once known as 'Totenham wood'. There was once a 'devils lane' in upper holloway which seems to have been written out of existence etc probably because the name was unhelpful.

Personally I prefer the name Green lanes to mark the area around the Salsbury and I think we should just officially make the change.

*runs for cover*

All the way back to Wood Green with you FPR. 

Honestly has no one clicked on Hugh's link? Green Lanes isn't even the name of that part of the street. The Salisbury is 1 Grand Parade and the other side of St Ann's Road is Salisbury Parade.

Harringay isn't just the main road running through it any more than Wood Green = Shopping City. 

btw f is the archaic way of writing s like putting a line through a 7.

I still put a line through my 7's, doesn't everyone?

Seven Sisters is an annoying name to search for as there's something down on the south coast that claims the name, as well as sundry other locations. And Wards Corner is a small town in Virginia, with its own crime wave.

Yeah but you just add the post code and bingo, google does the rest.

But no good on e*ay where I do my searching.   And Tottenham is even worse because of all the football stuff that makes up 99% of the e*ay economy it seems.

Run for cover indeed. Some people do indeed call it Green Lanes, but it's far from a majority as local experience and my limited street survey showed.

I have Green Lanes set up as Twitter and Google alerts. The results range from USA to the Midlands, the West Country, Palmer's Green, Stoke Newington as well as the generic non-geographic use of the term. For this reason alone, it's quite simply a crap name to distinguish an area. 

PS; the 'f' in Hornfey is just the archaic form of 's'.



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