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This evening 19 January 2023 there'll be a meeting of Haringey Licencing committee starting at 7.00 pm. Anyone can watch online (Microsoft Teams). Or view the recording afterwards.

Details and reports are on the Council's website. There's a current and previous history of various critical issues about the RAKKAS Restaurant; 365-369 GREEN LANES N4 - involving nearby  residents; Council Enforcement staff; and other bodies.

Link to Committee Report Frontsheet here

Link to the full reports.

An earlier report about Rakkas from  May 2021 gives some history.

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Missed it but curious about the outcome. The place is an antisocial eyesore run by individuals with no regard for the law.

As I mentioned, you and others can still watch the recording of the meeting; and read the reports. I hope this will help them reach a balanced judgement.

My purpose in flagging-up the hearing was to alert HoL members in neutral terms. I hoped that it might also offer a case study in how - and perhaps how not - to gather and present relevant evidence on both sides in such cases.

I appreciate you posting this in an unbiased way, which is perhaps the first time this venue has not been associated with strong emotion either way. The council meeting showed how out of their depth the owners are. Their lawyer clearly knows the jig is up and he is simply collecting his fee. 

That was made very clear by the residents and councillors objecting, though it was more about noise and antisocial behaviour. No one but the owners supported it in person. 


How many of the Turkish and Kurdish and other ethnicities that frequent this place will have the opportunity to engage in a confident manner? 

Gentrification and more racism in Haringey towards a community that is the back bone of this place. 

Oh, come on. They still need to abide by the rules like the rest of us. Some of them seem to think that those rules and the law does not apply to them….

The area is a diverse one and we need the constituent parts to respect each other’s rights to peaceful enjoyment of the surroundings. There are loads of areas where businesses thrive without resorting to ‘rogue’ behaviour.



Who is his site for again? - The community?

« They » refers to those establishments which break the law and  impose their own standards ‘de facto’ on everyone else when as a « community » we have a basic set of laws and rules set in a commonly agreed way.

 »Rogue ». Yes places and owner-operators of those places, that use thuggish intimidation to impose their norms and ways no matter what the rest of the stakeholders in the place think and despite the commonly agreed rules/laws/standards.

Es, I very much doubt that the folk of Lothair Road and the streets around it care who is making the noise that keeps them awake at night.  It’s noise and anti social behaviour associated with this establishment that is the issue.  The committee report shows a litany of complaints, promises made by the owner that are not kept and threatening behaviour by employees of this establishment towards council officers trying to investigate.

Course not. 

And the same behaviour coming from pubs such as Salisbury? They provoked the same issue? 

The racist slurs "our" women hear when they walk past the Salisbury in the Summer? 

The issues that start in the pub and filter out into the alleyways? 

The issue isn't Rakkas. 

The issue is isn't intolerable because of the identity of the business. 

These issues been filtering out of two pubs on Green lanes for years.... 

Why not admit you want the Turks, Kurds out. 

You want to gentrify Green Lanes - turn Rakkas into a yoga joint run by a white woman named India? 

Ohhh but of course you want to keep our restaurants? 

I loath what the community I grew up in and my Father and Grandfather built has become. 

A spot of tourism for people who want Crouch End but can't afford it. 

Goodness, you make a lot of assumptions about me considering we’ve never met

Yeah, that's what's going on here. 



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