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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This evening 19 January 2023 there'll be a meeting of Haringey Licencing committee starting at 7.00 pm. Anyone can watch online (Microsoft Teams). Or view the recording afterwards.

Details and reports are on the Council's website. There's a current and previous history of various critical issues about the RAKKAS Restaurant; 365-369 GREEN LANES N4 - involving nearby  residents; Council Enforcement staff; and other bodies.

Link to Committee Report Frontsheet here

Link to the full reports.

An earlier report about Rakkas from  May 2021 gives some history.

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Have you actually read the report that Alan linked to?

Yes I have. 

Are you aware of the issues for decades coming from The Salisbury? 

Filtering into the Shops? 

Where is the thread on that? The support for the people around the two pubs that cause serious issues and threats to the local community - including discrimination towards the Turkish and Kurdish community? 

My own Mother walks the long way round - so as she cana void the Salisbury in Summer. 

The drugs trade? That doesn't begin and end in the alleyways? 

All these are an issue when the business is a turkish or kurdish business. 

I’m sure that there are issues with other establishments on Green Lanes but that doesn’t absolve this one from the problems it generates.

Blimey Es take a deep breath and pause. Ffs

The fact that there are problems with the Salisbury does not ‘absolve’ others from being ‘rogues’.

Two wrongs do not a right make…

No it doesn't. 

yet there doesn't seem to be racist or Islamophobic undertones when discussing these other establishments. 

But hold on - there is no thread on those issues - because this is a racist and bias site. 

What is your definition of "community" Karen? 

Any more proof this sit is racist and bias? 

The community was here a long time before your father and grandfather arrived. 

What is you definition of "the community"

The Turkish, Greek and Kurdish community built up the Green Lanes being desired now and made it the profitable community it is now. 

More proof this site is racist - no? 

Your posts don't make sense. Even for a member of 'your' community.

what part was difficult for you to comprehend Cem Abi? 

As an award winning writer maybe i can articulate it better for you? 

A Turkish woman engaging on a site like this? Maybe that's what doesn't make sense? 



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