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A final reminder - tomorrow's the day........

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We can still walk or cycle across the bridge making journeys to the park so much nicer and for those of us who cycle to work along Wightman Road it's brilliant. Join us. And campaign to make the closure permanent.
The issues for locals won't be mainly on Wightman, Peter. They'll be on surrounding roads. From a purely Ladder perspective, I hope this will be one part of the complex jigsaw puzzle of sorting out our long standing traffic problems.

Are you leading the campaign Peter? Count me in.

8:55am update. No road closure yet. People driving along witghtman as usual. My dreams of skipping merrily down the middle of the road to Harringay station are foiled for this morning.
Works commence-concrete barriers.
'ant' will have those painted with flowers & buzzy bees in no time

He better had - what an eye sore on top of the Green Lanes/Harringay lock down

I agree that rising bollards are a more aesthetic solution, this or 15000 vehicles including large numbers of HGVs?
In case you missed it on another thread about the bridge works, here is a link to a reply I just got from Haringey in response to my query about the lack of information to addresses in the area.

I just took a walk down Wightman and met some workmen leaning against a wall on Wightman opposite Pemberton. They told me that all the closures were supposed to have been in place by 10:00 this morning. They said the bridge is already closed by they've been told to hold off with the other closures until the Council have their "bollards" in place. They hadn't heard anything about the bollards till this morning and don't know what they are.

Semi-closure on Wightman at Pemberton

The half completed closure on Wightman at the top of Pemberton is showing 'Rod Closed" so some of the traffic is diverting down Wightman which is now bumper to bumper till almost the top. The rest of the traffic is passing eh Road Closed sign and I guess must be channelling down the other West East roads, o turning back and running north again along Wightman.

Pemberton backed up this morning

I now see bollards so the closure must be imminent



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