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It's not only France that will be deciding who takes the big decisions for the foreseeable future.

We have our own local elections shortly.

So, if you want a Council that cannot tell the difference between fly-tipping and putting out a bin bag 40 mins before the allotted time - vote Labour in the local Council elections on 5 May.

Story in the Ham & High

Crouch End woman fined £400 for putting bins out 40 minutes early

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So you think some one with 14 collections a week should get away with it?

'Get away with it' suggests the individual did something wrong. Putting out your rubbish for collection is not an illegal act. (Well, not in any society where common sense prevails... so that's possibly rules Haringey out.) 

Not illegal of course - just anti-social,and selfish

The person who was fined was trying to survive running two jobs and had to claim universal credit after being furloughed. 

Poor woman. How does she find the time to run that choir with the other 2 jobs she has to do?

Nope - it was the woman who was fined £400.00 for putting out her bin bag 40 mins early who runs the 2 jobs. (I am sensing a bit of inverted snobbery here...)

Lol, so she furloughed herself from her own business that I would guess has her as the sole employee? 

A small business is a small business irrespective of what they sell though, be it perfume or chicken wings. 

At the very least we should always appreciate anyone that owns their own means of production.  

Of course there’s always good old fashioned non-inverted snobbery

Yet again I make a plea for the return of community clear ups- the ones where people put their junk in the front garden the night before, people go and scavenge what they want and then the council clears it the next day. They were popular and very good for people without cars to get rid of things. I've asked a few times about them, it's always agreed they were a "good thing" and then nothing happens. I'm guessing Veolia don't want to do them and someone at HC forgot to include them in the original contract as standard. 

There isn't really an excuse for putting things on the pavement no matter what your background or how you frame it (plenty of people in Tottenham see putting things on pavements as community recycling too!).

There are apps like Olio where you can advertise them, you can pop them on your local community website (hmm hmm) or leave them in your garden with a note.

No sympathy with this attitude of "not people like me" but that's part of how people will always excuse their own lawbreaking ("perfectly good furniture", or "just a bit of cake for a birthday") while being vociferous about policing others (I "put out perfectly good furniture", You flytip, He/she flytips etc or I  "just have a drink after work", You are endangering grandma, They endanger grandma etc ad nauseum)

Agreed, very good response. 



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