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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Has anyone else seen/read the above and if so, what do you think of this new newspaper?

If you haven't seen it it is published by Archant, comes out once a week on a Friday and costs £2. It's available at most local news agents. It was started only 3 months ago as a result of the referendum on EU membership and is obviously aimed at so called remain voters. 

Finding it an interesting read in some parts but not sure if the format will last. Nice to see news on what's happening around Europe, not just the UK.

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You paid £2 for that? Ha ha ha.

You're just pissed off John because of the 'Labour isn't working' headline. Try and be constructive with your comments on HOL John. It really isn't difficult. And yes, I like to pay journalists for their work.

Ah but have you read the newspaper Osbawn, before you criticise it? Go and buy the next issue on Friday, then come back and give your thoughts. What's becoming clear to me from some of the articles focusing on the possible effect of Brexit on certain areas of activity, such as medical research or universities, is that Brexit is practically impossible to implement because our institutions are working so closely with other European institutions and benefiting massively from doing so. I think we're leading to another referendum in 2017 once everyone realises this.

The problem for me Matt was the whoppers told on both sides that now aren't coming true. Remain warned of immediate economic collapse within days of the vote and Leave had £XM ready to put into the NHS. I'm finding the Cassandra-esque predictions and rainbow coloured promises just a bit hard to swallow.

The economic collapse might well arrive once we've actually left the EU. 

And you're intelligent enough Michael not to swallow some of those more 'wild' predictions.

Nothing much has happened yet because negotiations (as they're being called) haven't started yet. Yes there have been economic changes due to market reaction or sentiment with some winners due to the drop in the pound such as exporters & tourists to the UK and losers such ourselves when travelling overseas.

Those changes, once 'negotiations' start are potenially life changing for alot of people so it's important to have forums for discussion and analysis (such as in newspapers) and looking at Europe as a whole, not just from the perspective of the UK, which is really all UK centric newspapers do.

It's swings and roundabouts at the moment, Matt. Tourism and the service economies are thriving just now due to Sterling being so low. On the other hand, the construction and manufacturing ones are seeing a dip- as are exports generally.

the Cassandra-esque predictions

Sorry Michael but I must rush in to the defence of Princess Cassandra, daughter of King Priam & Queen Hekabé of Troy, noted prophetess of Apollo.  'Tis said that she agreed to have sex with Apollo in return for the gift of prophecy but when she pulled out of the bargain Apollo cursed her from a height. The curse on Cassandra was that all her prophecies would prove true, but that nobody would ever believe them. The curse on the propheteers or profiteers of both the Bremain and Brexit ilk is that all their crazy prophecies were patently false, yet 17+ million swallowed hook, line and sinker the craziest of these predictions. Of course if Cassandra had played her cards like Theresa May she'd never have prophesied anything. Unlike the god Apollo, we're all stuck in bed with May. Give me Cassandra any day, or night.  

But she was such a misery! A kind of Greek version of Christina Rossetti.

I have bought and read it. David Lammy was a 'contributing' columnist. He refuses, more often than not, to respond to constituents' correspondence. Why should we pay £2 to hear of his views? I read the Times, which supported Remain, and am happy with it (despite it being owned by Murdoch).

Agree with you on this occasion Justin, I would eschew Lammy due to his attitude towards his constituents. But what did you make of it overall?

Good grief! It was OK, nothing special, and certainly not worth £2 (I have a feeling the then price was £2.75?). It came across as a little elitist, too.  Perhaps I should give it one last go?



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