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Hi All,

Some of you will already know about the Langham Club, an old working men's club on Green Lanes.

Until recently we have struggled to make ourselves more widely known in the community because of the lack of a web presence - but we are now starting to get there!

We would love to hear from local Harringay people who would appreciate an affordable place to drink, socialise, play snooker, host events or just relax!

We recently hosted a site-specific theatre performance by local dance and drama group Persona Collective, and would love to do more in the arts space too - we have a huge hall at the back of our Club which is very much underused.

Please take a look at our website here and our Facebook Page here, or send us an e-mail and say hello on info (at) langhamclub (dot) co (dot) uk. Otherwise, just pop by to 600 Green Lanes and say hello!

See you at the bar...

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Well done for getting your online presence organised!

You have a huge amount of space there and it would be great t see it getting more usage. 

Great news, it's a lovely building and should be a centre for the community, all the best

Thanks Mavic, hopefully see you down there soon...

Yes, we're still affiliated with the CIU. I think there are very few proper working men's clubs left in London - the rest basically seem to be pretending! In North London there's also Wood Green Social Club and the Mildmay Club over in Stoke Newington who are still CIU-affiliated. Please do join the Langham and get involved!

Is it open to non-members? Most of the working men's clubs I go to allow non-members in for a nominal fee (usually 20p but that's up North). Also, does it have Sky Sports?


Non-members can definitely come and look around or pop in as guests. If you plan on visiting regularly we'd ask that you join up, but it's cheap - £30 a year, or currently £15 for a half-year membership. Maybe pop down and see what you think? Just make sure to explore the whole club, not just the front bar! Otherwise just send us an e-mail / message on the site.

We haven't got sports on TV just yet. It's a bit chicken-and-egg - Sky Sports is really expensive (£1k/month) so we need lots of Members to justify it, but the way to really grow the membership is with sports on TV! We may compromise with BT Sport to see how things go.

Hope to see you soon either way...

Thanks, I'll have to pop in sometime.

I can see the dilemma around the cost of sports. I'd like to think somewhere with sports (that advertised it well) would do well on that section of Green Lanes. There's a big empty gap from the Old Ale Emporium up to Turnpike Lane with nowhere really showing sports.

Totally agree. If we can find some way to make it work we will. Good captive market...

The Langham has kindly let some locals hold meetings in the concert room over the last couple of years. It’s a great space and it would be lovely to see it at the heart of the community 

Interesting. What's the snooker situation - do you have more than one table / can you book it / how much does it cost? 

We have four snooker tables upstairs. It’s a bit of a dingy space but the tables are fine and the lights all work! I’m not sure how the hiring works but to be honest you’re unlikely to have competition for tables unless you come in on a Friday night when we have another group in. Costs are minimal but I can try to find out. Please do come down and take a look - just ask at the bar to look upstairs.

Thanks :) I'll have to give you a try



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