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I started this discussion on Opinion8 a few weeks back, about the wonderful fly daily fly tip outside the parade of shops on Weston Park, between Nelson and Inderwick Road.

Unfortunately that site is almost as dead as a Dodo, so I am moving the discussion over to HOL. I intend to keep posting and complaining to the council (have done so on a daily basis for nearly 3 weeks) until someone does something about this. I have some local councillors who are looking into this, but it's getting worse every day, and it needs dealing with NOW.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is from this morning, May 5th:

and here's yesterday's - May 4th:

It seems residents from the flats above the shops dump all their c**p here every night. That combined with Veolia's endless purple bags makes this a great spot for every dirty litterbug around, as well as a nightly feast for the local foxes, rats, mice and cockroaches. It's a health hazard, and someone needs to take some responsibility and fast. This can't go on.

Again, suggestions welcome. I have already tried complaining, reporting and getting a few local councillors involved. No real results. It is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

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Went passed the dumping site this afternoon and it looked OK so, whatever it is you managed to do Anette, well done.
:). Don't thank me yet, let's see if it lasts... There's also the other side of the road, it's almost as bad, but one side at the time... And thanks to Alan and Liz for their very useful pointers!
OUR NEW BIN HAS VANISHED! Why??? It was really starting to help. Now there's purple bags there again,. Liz, I believe these are from one of the shops they've got "commercial waste" printed on them. And looks like they contain food, so tomorrow should be good..,

Noooo! Who would take it? How totally bizarre (and frustrating for you). Are you sure the council haven't taken it themselves? Or Veolia?

I think it's one of them, and according to a Tweet from veolia we might get a new one soon. But why take it in the first place? And why are the locals still allowed to fly tip EVERY SINGE DAY, with no one being prosecuted? It's SO FRUSTRATING!!!V 

And this is what it looks like when they steal our new bin:

Trying to work out who, why and when it is coming back. It was going so well.. 

So it's all happening again. The new bin is gone, and the rubbish is back, back back. My questions are:

Why has no-one spoken to shops or residents yet? Why are they allowed to keep in fly tipping? Why do we not get a temporary cctv camera? It was suggested. Why are they not prosecuting? I have identified 3 culprits, and submitted evidence. A few hefty fines, and word will soon spread. The council claims the bins have been stolen. Really? Who would see a massive ugly old dumpster full of rubbish and think "nice, I'll have that, that'll look good in the front garden"?? Incidentally, the dumpsters on Priory Road by the park entrance / roundabout have gone too, is someone doing a dumpster raid? Is there precious metal in these? It seems to me the council are removing them. Why?

Here's the rubbish diary continued: 

Thursday 19th 8am, bin still in situ:

By 7pm same day it's gone:

On Friday June 20th is starting to look grubby again:

Saturday June 21st is TERRIBLE:

And this morning, Monday June 23rd was disgusting:

I've chatted to a couple of new councillors about their general impressions of the Council. (Not about this specific problem.) They're finding their feet and in Haringey that's not easy. But there are some good new people and I'm still optimistic.

In the meantime, Anette, I thought this photo might give you a smile. It was taken in 2007 by a Liverpool photographer named Dave. I favourited it simply because of the caption!

Very good. 

The fight definitely continues, and thanks for the heads up!

So I have heard back from the Chief executives office, and steps are being taken now to address this. Steps that the council claimed had been taken already but blatantly had not. I also have Stuart McNamara on the case now, and he has some good ideas, and will get very involved, so it is going in the right direction.
The bin was taken away by Veolia by mistake (council told local shop keeper it had been stolen!), and it has now been replaced. And immediate improvement followed, until today,. I wonder what this little gem will look like in the morning?

I really think a temporary CCTV camera is the way to go, someone needs to be held to account soon.

Anette and everyone, you may be interested in this new, related thread about fly-tipping across Haringey.



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