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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

For potato sourdough (and pizza) lovers everywhere, Dusty Knuckle are expanding to Harringay!

Opening on 15 May at 429 Green Lanes N4 (former Yaalu premises).


Note they are advertising for positions on their website for those interested.

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Is Yaalu Yaalu closing? What a shame - tastiest food we've had around here for ages.

Oh no - that's terrible news! the food was so good! They seemed to be doing fine until covid . . .

I had assumed it was closed. Is it still open for takeaway? Perhaps the article gave the wrong address? It would be great if Yaalu remained and we had some more variety with the addition of The Dusty Knuckle.

Yeah, it seemed to struggle through lockdown though - I posted back in October that it seemed to be having a tough time.

Still, great news about Dusty Knuckle - I guess their 'market research' with the weekly milk float spots has given them confidence.

Pity that a non-turkish restaturant is being replaced, as opposed to one of the "single economy" eateries.

They opened just as pandemic hit. So really wasn't good timing. Dusty Knuckle probably matches the local demographic better and will have better take away bsuiness too! Competition for existing Local Store and other gentrified places though.

Do we actually know if yaalu yaalu is shutting for good? I hope not as that place is my favourite place to eat on green lanes

They're still doing take-away at the moment...



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