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The dangerous world of British betting shops

A well-written and compelling look at life for the workers in the betting shops on our high streets and the apparent indifference of employers in the multi-million pound gambling industry to their safety.

The Big Gamble: the dangerous world of British betting shops

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I've been wondering when someone would write this article. It's very long and well worth a read. I wonder why there is nothing from the point of view of the gamblers. Too patrician? They're very coy about how much money gets loaded onto the machines at once too. You can use a debit card to put your entire wages on if you like and although there are limits (£50 every 20 seconds or £150 a minute...) they're worthless. The gamblers at FOBTs are in flow and they're encouraged to stay that way until they run out of money.

There is of course a light touch to regulation if you contribute a lot of tax. It's not criminal, it just seems so.

The idea that these places are staffed by one person, for hours on end and till late at night, is hair raising. I'm lucky, I've never had to work in one (though I had a few years working in petrol stations on my own).  Kudos to those who do so, for £8 an hour.  Taxable.

The idea that they're not financially viable if they have to be properly staffed (much like steel production) is telling. Perhaps it's time they were nationalised if they're such an important industry?



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