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The commute from Harringay - how long does it really take?

After being released in beta quite some time ago, Mapumental is now live in its final version. It allows people to specify a postcode and a preferred commute time and see which areas fit the bill.

As our 'time lapse' video shows, for a commute to Trafalgar Square, N4 starts hitting the map at 20 minutes. The whole of Harringay is in the picture by 41 minutes. It's interesting how much difference it shows across the 'hood.

Do the times seems right to you?

Have a play for yourself on the mapumental site.

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It seems quite accurate. I've just tried Harringay near the Rec end going into the Angel area which is coming in at 32mins but on a really good day it can be 20mins door to door with 4 changes!

For years I used to travel every day to Finsbury Circus.  It was 8 mins walk to Harringay station, 15 mins ride to Moorgate and 3 mins walk to the office.  That's 26 mins door to door just like mapumental says and just like Google maps.



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