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So here's the plan - you buy books from the Big Green Bookshop and they will give money to the school (primary or secondary) or nursery of your choice.

All you have to do is nominate the school or nursery and they'll do the rest. 10% of each book sale will go to the nominated school to enable them to buy books from their library. BGBS let the schools know each month how much they’ve got, so they can either save it up, or buy stuff right there and then.

This scheme is part of their ongoing mission via Big Green Education, their not-for-profit enterprise company to develop our educational work in the borough.

Big Green Bookshop School Reward Scheme

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Thanks for putting this on here Liz. I hope that a few of the local schools benefit from this. North Harringay Primary has already got some dosh from a sale today! 

This sounds really great. Simon, have you put something on FB/Twitter that we can share with our friends on parent networks and with an interest in education? If not, it's worth doing!

You'll find that this thread has already been posted to HoLs FB & Twitter.

Thanks Hugh!



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