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TfL Raises Possibiity of Bringing Harringay's Second Rail Line into Overground

Setting out a vision for the future recently, TfL made it clear that they are keen to bring more of London'd suburban rail routes into the Overground Network. This might be good news for Harringay.

Some years ago Harringay's town centre railway was moved into the Overground. As a result, services were improved and passenger numbers using Harringay Green Lanes Station soared. Now the prospect has been raised of the services using Harringay Station going the same way.

A map published by TFL  shows the network that might result if TfL were to subsume routes currently run by Southeastern, Southern, South West Trains and Great Northern. The franchise agreements on these routes run out between 2018 and 2021, when TfL is hoping to gain control.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said:

"As our new TfL map demonstrates, devolution will help us deliver a truly integrated transport network where rail passengers get the same standard of service and reliability they get on the tube, allowing people to connect quickly with all parts of inner and outer London."

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No change likely locally until late 2021 when the Great Northern/Thameslink/Southern franchise expires, unless it implodes before then - as National Express East Coast did with the King's Cross inter-city trains in 2009. Since GTR are paid a management fee by the Department for Transport rather than operate under a strict franchise contract, that's unlikely.

The Moorgate - Welwyn/Hertford route runs comparatively separately from the King's Cross- Peterborough/Cambridge route so they could be operated in parallel. This already happens between London Bridge/Surrey Quays and West Croydon where the Overground and Southern run in parallel.

The question is whether Hertfordshire County Council and MPs in relevant constituencies would object to a (Labour) Mayor having sway over much of the commuter rail service in that area. When a smaller exercise was proposed a few years ago for lines in South-East London through Bromley and Orpington, Kent County Council put up the shutters.

On a different note, TfL intend to extend the Gospel Oak - Barking route down to a large proposed development called Barking Riverside with a target date of 2021. Whether that would lead to further capacity/frequency improvements at Harringay Green Lanes is not clear: at the moment the single platform at Gospel Oak is the limiter on frequency, I believe.

Gordon, It's likely that Barking Riverside won't remain the Eastern terminus of GOBLIN.

The ES reported: There was an increased focus on more environmentally friendly public transport crossings as he announced Transport for London would also look at extending the London Overground between Barking Riverside and Abbey Wood, and a ferry from North Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs.

Here: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/sadiq-khan-gives-goahead-t...

That is certainly not the case on the Chingford line, which I use frequently. The trains I use are rarely more than a minute away from their schedule. Although old, they are comfortable as suburban trains go. I'm waiting for the moans when the longitudinal-bang-your-head-on-the-windows-strain-your-neck-to-look-outside seating on the new trains appear in a couple of years!

A single platform can cope with a greater frequency than the present one. Possibly signalling changes may be needed, but Gospel Oak could easily deal with a 10-minute frequency. In fact, during the part-closure recently trains were running every 12 minutes on that section rather than the normal 15. At the other end I've experienced trains turning round on the single platform at Barking in three minutes. I think a more limiting factor will be freight trains.

Is there any chance of the new electric trains (in 2018) going further around the North London Line - e.g. a few trains to Kew and/or Clapham Junction? They would presumably have to skip Gospel Oak though, unless they changed the track & platform set-up.

I think there is one morning train in the present timetable (when it's operating!) that continues to Willesden Junction, but it would be good, perhaps, if every other Gospel Oak train were able to go further in future timetables.

Yes that's right, 0821 at Harringay Green Lanes though of course does not call at Gospel Oak.

Looks to me as though it would need new track-laying and a new platform for west/east trains. At present the Gospel Oak terminus siding has buffers and I don't think it directly connects with the Stratford/Richmond line, though I may be wrong; the parallel line used by freight trains (and the occasional steam-hauled special) does have a junction, but of course misses the platform, so this suggests major engineering would be needed. It would be very useful to have through trains in both directions to avoid the change of train and platform at Gospel Oak, and presumably easier to integrate once electrification from Barking is complete. 



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