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Snapped the other day at the bottom of the escalator.

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Tolerance implies accepting something you actually do not approve of.  I don’t want people being tolerating me, as if they are doing me a favour.

Michael, the system doesn't allow for 'liking' comments but I just wanted to let you know that I did.


Tolerance implies "putting up with" something you disagree with. It's a very low bar and I think we can do a lot better in this day and age. 

Tolerance is one thing, acceptance is another.

Agreed. However the black on the rainbow flag represents MAPs - Minor Attracted Persons and has no place on a TFL billboard. To anyone on Twitter MAP is euphemism for paedophile or child abuser. Tolerant of them? Definitely not! 

Are you sure abut that Brian? A quick search of the the web tells me that it represents people who've died of Aids. Perhaps you could share a link of where your interpretation came from. 

Actually Hugh I found that the brown and black stripes were added to represent LGBT+ people 'of colour'. See what the Wiki you linked to says about the Philadelphia flag.

I'm not taking a position on that myself, but it certainly isn't some celebration of paedophilia.

No it doesn’t.

This was opinion from Twitter, not facts. How vile that people (on Twitter) have been spreading this information.

It obviously doesn’t mean that. It’s to represent solidarity & inclusion of LGBTQ+ people of colour. 

It's important to be certain about this. Simply saying something is opinion and not fact is not a strong position from which to debate an important point. After all, those with different opinions can simply deflect the same line back at you.

Such disgusting organisations have wormed their way into positions of influence in the past. The PIE scandal reminds us that its right to properly vet organisation which claim to share our values.

No, it is upon incumbent on the person making this claim to back it up.  Since being challenge they have not uttered a single peep.  Foul whispering campaigns like this are just fuel to anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

The link below is about the inclusion of black and brown in the flag back in 2017




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